Taxes part 2
2006-07-22 09:13:33 ET

Taking a break from rumaging thru boxes looking for my tax stuff(*keep them in binders by year). Got laundry done, so I wouldn't stink at work. Like it matters some times, since I work with burly redneck types. Imagine the cast of the HBO tv series,"OZ". And then give them access to power tools and welding equipment, and you got my job! Eh.......

Haven't really eaten since Thursday, or really slept for that matter.I so don't want to loose my house, I've been breaking my back for, for the last 7 years!!! If I were ever at the point of having a nervous break down, it would be at this moment in time:(

Today must have been,"Be nice too inked folk day.", or something? I usually get scowled at profusely from the local for having almost all of my 42 tats exposed. I didn't get leered at, at the laundry mat. Same went for the thrift store I usually wander while waiting for my clothing to dry.

Should I go to a movie by myself. Or get blatently drunk tonight. Either way. It'll be a solo project, as per usual....*sighs....

2006-07-22 09:58:10 ET

you must be super organized to have your tax stuff in boxes! my mom does that, too. hehe. wait, what is your job? (nevermind i know now) i've never seen oz before.

most should eat something! i'm sure you'll keep your house. just don't worry too much about it right now. and do you really have 42 tats? i mean, i saw a few on your arms in the pics. but damn! that's just kewl. how long did that take?

and my other suggestion is that you should definitely see a movie. movies are always awesome. but that's just cuz i'm usually willing to watch any movie. i would watch with you, but i think you're a bit far lol

2006-07-22 13:08:54 ET

isnt it sad when you actually notice when people *arent* scowling at you or trying to melt you with their imaginary eyeball lasers just because you have tattoos. i get that all the time and i know how ya feel.

2006-07-22 13:33:34 ET

I had to change professions last year. From being a plumber of twelve years. Cause out here, they Mickey Mouse crap together to "Get er done!" as the semi famous quote says. I was taught at an early age. That if your gonna do something right. Do it right the first time. So no foreseeable problems may occur! Why do twice the work! Right.

So now I'm a fabricator/machinest. I work for a company that makes the dumpster portion of garbage trucks.Including painting them, hydrolics and so forth. It doesn't pay the best. But for out here it's decent.

My first couple of days at my machinest job. I had some burly guys come up and ask me quietly, "How much time I did?" to get so many tats. First off. Never did anytime. So I told them quietly back,"Smart people don't get caught!" So now. Not even the biggest mean looking person at work messes with me. I just get watched out of the corner of people's eyes. And when they need some help with something, they'll come up to me and do this..."Ummm, well. ya know...ummmmm!" Ha! That's the trick. Keep them guessing:)

Queen:I do have that many tats. Ask my old roomie Gauge.You can also find me on myspace and under the same screen name.And I'd take ya up on that movie offer. Always feel guilty eating a tub of popcorn by myself:)Geography sometimes sucks doesn't it!

Green:Imaginary I sometimes want to tell people that stare. a)10 bucks for a ten minute gawking session. b)If you stand close to me long enough. One of my inked creations may like you, and decide your it's new home:P

2006-07-22 17:01:14 ET

42 tats = awesomeness incarnate.

2006-07-23 13:04:56 ET

we're so gay we have matching tatts tee hee.

2006-07-23 13:15:07 ET

oh yes? of what?

2006-07-23 23:15:01 ET

haha i was joking with friends about the 'get er done' thing last night lol. i think it's awesome that they're all scared of ya at work. and now i must find you on those sites muah. save me some popcorn!

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