The week in a nutshell,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
2006-10-01 08:22:06 ET

It's windy today. So it's sure to reek havoc with my sinus issues.

Anyhow......Got the 2nd draft of my 2003 taxes out "AGAIN" on Monday. Sent them prioroity to cover my ass, and make some poor bastard sign for them. Spent 8 hours with a friends dad preparing them. Pretty much tore apart my catch all room, looking for anything that I could deduct! Cut the total in half. Let's hope they accept it this time. If not. I have to get a lawyer then:(

Got an extension on my traffic fines. Already paid 90 bucks on one. And paid an additional 250 bucks Friday on another. Still have 220 bucks to go. No wonder this town seems to be getting fancier and fancier as the days follow!

Property taxes are still due! Been scraping and pretty much scraping to the bone! To get the monies needed! Am halfway there. Only half!

Had my old cell phone company send me to collections this week too! Fuck them, and the horse they rode in on! All I use my old phone for now is phone numbers and a secondary alarm clock! Meh........

Had a run in with a co-worker this week. A alpha reeking testosterone freak! Tried to get the department to let me update/rewrite their info books as too make them more legible! Cause frankly they are a site for sore eyes! Was told by Mr.testosterone that I didn't know shit! Told him that I didn't recognize his tile, or recognizes him period! And therefore....He should "Lick me where I pee(*a nice way of saying..."BLOW ME!)!" Sure I got bastard points/a frowny face for that one! Oh welll...........

Just tired of people's shite in general. Tired of most things......

2006-10-01 23:56:20 ET

told ye to send me the fianl bill man. how are things going. I tried calling ye a couple times but get the ol answer machine. I think it hates me lol. Hope things are going well. Miss ye guys and hug Bleu for me.

2006-10-04 16:51:30 ET

My schedule keeps changing like a mofo! Sometimes I go in at 5am, sometimes 6am. Same goes for quitting time. Sometimes 2:30pm and sometimes it can be as late as 5pm. Depends on how much work my new department gets done,- the screwing around!


Got a deep tissue bruise on my knuckle/ index finger on my left hand. Some a-hole decided to let a 150 pound cylinder roll off the forks of a forklift, and pinned my hand against another. The doctor siad I was lucky that I didn't have any broken bones. Yeah! Severe bruising to the bone:( Now I can't pick my nose with my fav finger...Meh!

Tuesday: Made a mistake at work, by crossing two hoses. My work was checked by a supervisor, and deemed okay. Had to return since the hoses I connected were in reverse! So. Each piston was ging in opposite directions. And ended up sheering a foot long gash thru 4 gage steel:P Got lots of crap for it. Which I expected. Appologised to the guys at work for my mistake. But still they kept dragging it on all day.Am not about to brownie hound anyone for my job.


Received a call from the city housing authority and city planner about the dumpster! Once again. I think it's the recluse dick wad who owns the funeral home across the street! Then I get a nasty call from the dumpster people saying that if I didn't make arrangments to pay, or fork over a lumpsum. They were going to take me to small claims court...(*rolls eyes!) Told them I'd be more then happy to pay them bit by bit. They agreed..*wipes brow.

So it's been a bastard of a week so far......Not in the mood to do much, but shower and sleep!

2006-10-04 17:17:59 ET

the dumpster is still there lol.

Colin messaged me about him and Jess poppin out a british midget. He sounds happy.

Think we can get the kid to pretend like he was in Time Bandits?

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