2006-11-23 17:36:40 ET

A high of 55 today, and a low right now of 31. What do you do when you live in a town of around and have nothing to do after having t-day at your friends parents house(minus your friend who's with his fiance in Des Moines?). Shlept up to K-mart and bought,"The Shadow of the Colossus" for my PS2. Buurnt thru 4 other games in the last 3 months. Figured it would keep me busy during the snowy season.

Was suppose to make an appoint to remove the stitches from my hand this week. Decided I had enough tools around the house, too pick them out myself! Did it with the kneecap, why not the hand?

Three more days off, with little side projects in mind to do about the house. Once again. Minus the cash to do it! Figures....

The vehcle is up and running again. 378 bucks later!

Scrounged up enough for taxes(for this 6 month period). Haven't grocery shopped in 6 weeks. Usually I'm too tired to even eat that much anymore. Too much going on in the noggin to even breathe at times!

Had an offer from a female friend to fly me too Cali for Christmas. I declined. Didn't want a repeat of my last visit. 3 weeks of spending time alone. When i could very well do that alone here, with the cats!


2006-11-23 23:51:38 ET

Happy Thanksgiving Brother.

2006-11-24 16:06:41 ET

Happy Thanksgiving Robert, I tried to send you a text message yesterday but I am not sure if I have the right number anymore.

2006-11-24 23:02:23 ET

My phone got shut off at the end of May. Now I use it as an addie book/alarm clcok. I'll send ya the didgets:)

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