Dec 1st..............................
2006-12-01 19:38:30 ET

Tuesday was installation of fuel pump number 4!!!! Four fuckin pumps! It began on a trip back from Des Moines, my vehicle died horendously! Replaced the fuel filter(*I always go from the cheapest, to the utmost expensive!)Got a second hand pump from a wrecking yard(1). Didn't work. Bought a new one, installed it(2). Worked a week, then died. An 80 dollar tow a block and a half. Got another. This time it came with an upgraded wiring harness, due to the oem harness failing.Dropped the tank, installed another. The sensor on top of the new one dropped off while attaching the harness(3). Took it back. Waited this following Tuesday to pick up a new one. The roomie and a friend installed it, and used dialectic gell on the electrical connections(*pump 4 , not including the origional). *Knock on wood, so far so good! I so need to go to town to x-mas shop. But I have to regain faith in my vehicle for traveling distances! If it broke down away from home, I may as well leave it where she lays!

Next Sat is our companies X-mas party! Didn't know if I wanted to attend. Not like I can stand most of my jobs employees! I don't go huntin or fishin, or give two rats asses about sports!But free food and booze are always welcome:P

Another year minus a significant other during the holidays. That makes 7 in a row!On a better note. My middle brother may be coming to visit for the holidays. Haven't seen him in 6 years(*talk frequently though). That ought to be good:)

Coffee and shower time, with a head shaving beforehand.......

2006-12-01 19:39:24 ET

I will also be spending Christmas minus a significant other.


pm me your address so I can send you a CHRISTMAS CARD!

2006-12-02 00:07:32 ET

Why, oh why, would you go to Des Moines?
I used to live there.
They don't call it Death Moans for nothing.

2006-12-03 05:15:07 ET

I had gone to hit Aldi's for canned goods. And decided to hit Marshalls for some early shopping. Since the town I live in only has semi high priced stores laced with snobbery!Our biggest store is a 24hr Wallymart. K-mart, A J.C. Penneys(*that you have to catalog order 90% of the stuff-same goes with Sears here!). The Buckle, Maurices and that's about it for shopping. I would have ventured to Ames or Ft.Dodge, if I knew the area better!

It's funny how people give towns and cities nicknames, When I lived back home in Florida. We refered to Ft.Lauderdale as Fort-lick-my nuts. And Orlando as Or-blando!

2006-12-03 18:30:02 ET

I will also be spending the holidays minus a significant other. *hugs* (gee I can repeat things)

I was doing ok until I got the head shaving part and then I had the oddest mental image. *shakes head*

2006-12-04 19:30:08 ET

So you live in Iowa?

2006-12-10 07:38:35 ET

I do. 80 or so miles north of Des Moines. I like the peacefulness of it.Though I can't really relate to many people. I don't find huntin(*has visions of bambi in a stew!), fishin or sports thrilling at all:P. Love all the old houses and architecture that people take for granted out here! And I enjoy seeing seasons too:)

2006-12-10 08:32:41 ET

Ah, that's awesome. I lived right by downtown Des Moines for 4 years. =]

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