2006-12-21 15:40:51 ET

One more day till a full 4 days of fucking off! The last few days have sucked balls. I've been hit with every utility bill possible before Christmas!!! Shopping has been at a minimal this year. I couldn't even afford too send out Christmas cards(*sorry guys!).

My middle brother whom I haven't seen in 6 years is suppose to be coming out to visit for Christmas. He's in the Ft.Collins, Colorado area visitng his girlfriend. News reports estimate that 2 feet of snow fell yesterday. And the Denver airport is beyond snowed in. There's a possibility that he may not even make it out this year:( Everywhere is getting snow, except the part of Iowa I live in(pricks!).I would rather him be safe then stuck in a blizzard!!!

My roomie got fired from the job I got him, which makes me look like an ass. He got fired for missing to many days. Too many days of screwing around with his ex, that severely raked him over the coals(*some people must frolic in the abuse?). Hence him not paying me rent, and owing me 350 bucks.I would have been nice to at least send everyone something small with that money.He came home last week, called his mom. And haven't seen him since.WTF???? His mom called me. I told her he should at least have the balls to let me know what's up! I would rather know, then not know. Am to the point of being pissed. And just changing the locks. Tired of dealing with this crap.

Next week at work I start my 6 month training on ASAB and plasma torches. I started at a level 7 worker, and am moving up to a 5:), and it includes a higher raise at my year review in March.

Another season minus a significant other! 6 in a row. Should I go for lucky number 7? Nah! This year the memories of missed ones seems to be hitting harder too home. Like I've said a dozen times. This year needs to be over ........

2006-12-21 15:57:40 ET

That sux ass bro. Sorry to hear. I missed ye this year as well as the season but I got ye something I know you will like. Though it won't make it there til after the holidays. I will call you up on said evil day. Take care.

2006-12-22 12:16:39 ET

Okies. Just mulling the 50/50 chance of my brother actually showing up! Hope the great west is treating you good? Have some weinerschnitzel and some del taco for me!

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