2007-01-04 14:54:54 ET

What's worse then trying to recoup from a 4 day Christmas holiday? Working 3 whole days, then have an additional 3 off for New Years! And feeling more lax then usual. Then a peep at the calendar, and low and behold. The next holiday off is in May!

Throw in the fact, that I have been training on ESAB Plasma torches(* 3 whole days of training).The current operator of the machine is about as clueless as a blindman deciding to buy a 42 in plasma tv!!!! No manuals are available for the machine either. 6 months of traing ahead. 79 percent of parts in the factory are done on my burner(torch). More then 3/4 of them are fuckered up even before I get the orders, due to data entry of the metals drafts and thicknesses.Enter the said info. Watch the pretty shiny lite cut up to 2 inch thick metal, have a smoke, scratch self, drink coffee. Next order. Me wonders if the torch can be programed to the crusts off my pb and j sandwiches?

My new hand tat is healing nicely(pic on my myspace profile).

Other then that...Eh! Not impressed with "07" so far......

2007-01-04 16:37:09 ET

Happy Blue Year!!!!

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