So far this week.......
2007-01-23 15:03:49 ET

Another day of flurries, another inch already on top of ten existing. Love it though:)

Have pretty much mastered the piece of shit CNC ESAB Plasma torch at work. From trial and error, I learned tricks on the machine that operators 10 years my senior hadn't learned! So on a good day, minus the backdated orders from engineering(*pricks).I can single handedly belt out approximately 23 sheets or various gauges and lenghts(*some sheets contain 1-100 parts, also add in chipping off the remnent slag.)All why merrily smoking and drinking my coffee:P

Yesterday was an ass of a Monday.Friday I find out I have an ear infection, get the meds. My doctor notices a blemish on my face. Got it from making my ex a uber huge friggin cd wall unit(*that held 2700 cds. Gauge can attest to it:P). Long story short. I got clocked in the face with a piece of wood from the saw! Removed some wood, and thought nothing of it. 3 years later, it still hadn't healed. So yesterday, I got my face numbed and a 3mm chunk of skin removed, also the same depth. The doctor wasn't sure if it was a cyst from left over wood particles or something else(*the sample showed high signs of severe scarring)? And cancer has a high tendency to run in my family. So I'm pretty much freaking out right now. The doctor said that worse case, that if it were cancer. I would have a 1 1/2- 2 scar, from the right side of my nose to the middle of my cheek. Not something I particularly want to hear on a Monday:( And not before my 34th!I find the results out on Thursday:(

My first therapy session went well today. ADHD was ruled out.But PTS(post traumatic stress) was a high possibility?! Next session is in two weeks.I actually look forward to it.I get 52 scheduled visits a year thru my insurance with a 15 dollar co-pay. Decent I guess.

2007-01-23 15:16:18 ET

the cd wall unit of doooooooom!!!!!!!

If it's any consolation my finger healed fine hehehehe.

PTS is obvious but hopefully the sessions will go good for you man.


2007-01-23 17:04:23 ET

I hope your face is nothing serious.

2007-01-23 17:19:32 ET

rabids comment is almost funny lol

2007-05-02 12:48:23 ET

Funny as leprous monkies you say?

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