2007-09-01 06:39:14 ET

Long time no entry!

Looking for another job with less hassle.

My friend I moved out here to hang out with is deciding to move to Washington. Since his fiance left him! Me thinks it's running away, rather then facing the situation. Eh!!!! Stupidity on many levels.

Now paying back the IRS 250 a month for 5 years, so I can keep my house! Bloodsucking pricks!

Will write more when I get the chance......

2007-09-01 07:26:40 ET

wait what?!

2007-09-01 09:43:44 ET

Um like how did you end up owing so much money to the Man?

2007-09-01 16:21:22 ET

H and R block are complete cock mongers and unhelpful to the general public while helping file taxes!Told me I didn't need to file since I didn't work in 03, yet I paid about 12g's that year already.

Yeah Washington! How can someone try to attempt Washington, yet can't afford gas in their own truck! Figure out those numbers.My friend figures I'tll be a change for him. Told him, home is what you make it. Hard to talk to someone when their mind is already made up!

2007-09-01 21:00:19 ET

So is there someone that needs to be killed?

Or at least neaten senseless?

Or maybe just hang them from a tree by their scrotum with bailing wire?

2007-09-01 22:46:25 ET

When is Colin moving?

Alicia and I are moving in July to either Denver or Seattle so if it is Seattle I will go kick him in the shins.

2007-09-02 04:50:29 ET

My brother was considering moving to Fort Collins, since his lady is there(600 mi west of bfe Iowa).

Colin is moving around November.

Winning the lottery would help with the Irs. Or perhaps if I could get a mortgage like I was trying to do. But when you have exceptionally bad credit, it doesn't help.Consistently jumping thru hoops, soaks up the much needed time to get things in order!

Started selling on ebay again. Doing very well actually:)

2007-09-02 07:24:52 ET

sweet what user name are you using on ebay?

I always consider putting the guys on ebay but when I go to take the pics I end up playing with them and then 2 hours later I think "now why would I sell you guys".


We have been playing the lottery every week. Every little bit helps.

2007-09-02 16:19:00 ET

The mega multi state lottery out here last week was 334 million. I'd buy my company and close it down...*grows horns!

Same here. We are lucky_blacke_cat_goods.

Have you seen my copies of Bubba Hotep and Coupling? Been looking all over for them...Meh!!!!

2007-09-02 22:11:12 ET


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