Wah wah wah wah..........
2007-10-01 15:37:17 ET

September sure blew bye like a fart in the wind!

Last week was a mish mash of stupidity on my companies part. Got my 1 1/2 year raise and review. Have been uped to a level 3 worker from a 5. Got my position as a torch operator snagged from me by a doofus who speaks like Barbara Walters, because his dad is a leadman who is also a friggin a-hole! So now I'm a floater. I go between 4 different departments. If you wondering if I feal like a yoyo, you'd be correct!

Saterday morning sucked ass too. I awoke to the sound of 4 smurf bands outside my home. All 4 corners were filled with braced clad kids,doused with clearasil wearing gaudy band clothes:( I was a gnats hair from shoving a trombone up someones ass! Then my thoughts turned to the stretching potential of a tuba. The coffee didn't hit me quick enough. I had to ask the anklebitters to please get off my lawn a half dozen times. While their band teacher paraded around. Fingered him to come over. Me in slippers, lounge pants, and a wifebeater. Asked him kindly twice to ask his students not to lean on my ladies and ny vehicles, and for that matter drop their instruments on my lawn. So like the asshole I can be sometimes. Mr. lawnmower and Mr. weed-whacker made a genuinely kind appearance on the 50th anniversary of this towns band day.

When I was able to finally leave my lair. I schleped up the autopart store to get new rear rotors and break pads. An hour job. Done for 70 bucks.

Like all Mondays and presceding Mondays. It sucked!!! Being trianed on a CNG lathe. Sadly enough the guy that's training me, is about to get canned. I like to learn things without the premise of a friend loosing their job. So two supervisors all day today tried to give me the skinny on the situation. I know the situation. My company sucks! That's why we lost 22 employees last month, due to crappy raises.Hence me, putting out 12 resumes last week. Keep you guys posted.

Gotta go eat and get ready to watch this weeks episode of Hereos:)

2007-10-01 16:56:18 ET

I know this is completely out of nowhere...But, you look really familiar to me (for some reason)???
And the strange thing is that I seriously doubt that I know you...Maybe you highly resemble someone famous and I just have yet to put my finger on who that person may be?
Well...Good Luck with the job issue! I hope all goes well.

2007-10-02 15:24:28 ET

Hmmmm.....I do get mistaken for many different people. Mayhaps a milk carton? Where do you hail from, If I may ask?

2007-10-02 15:44:44 ET

A milk carton huh??? Well, That explains it all!

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