Monday squared.....
2007-10-02 15:32:48 ET

Ever get up and stretch, and ligaments and other things go..."Snap, crackle, pop!" Similar to dry brittle wood. That happened last nite while vegging on the couch. I got the damnedest look from cat 3 of 5. So today it was tender and sore. From my left breast all the way around to my shoulder blade. Walking while not trying to put too much weight on one side sucks. Makes ya feel gimpy, like you should be perched next to the bearded lady and Rex the dog boy at some carnival freak show!

Work was blah(*Monday squared), had all my work finished before first break.So I roamed the factory looking busy(6 hours worth).

Got a call for a job interview today.Back to having the ole plumbers crack me thinks. There was even a mention of the possibility of being a lead foreman:)

Bacon chedder brats and smash tatters for dinner. I guess I'm training for the house-husband olympics or something. Where the hell is calogon?

2007-10-02 16:06:21 ET

Hey, just remember...It's only supposed to get better from here...
Atleast that's what they try to tell us (about getting old).
Dinner: mmmm...sounds yummy.
and...Well, atleast you are in training :)
I'm sure you be a great husband for some unfortunate...ooops, I meant LUCKY woman someday! :D
*hugs and smiles*
Hopefully that potential job works out for you!

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