Douche bags.......
2007-10-03 15:49:32 ET

Don't you hate complete douche bag co-workers!


We have this completly anal retentive leadman. Who just has to rub everything in your face to prove he's right. And if you kind of question him on some aspect of a conversation. He asks you if your calling him a liar. His self defense. So Tuesday he was sharping some tool and sliced the edge of his palm. And came over to me. My ears had already started their path to bleeding. He showed me the gash. I asked him if it was within a 1/32nd company tolerance . He then got into uber prick mode.And asked if I was calling him a liar about the cut. WTF I thought. I said nope. Your not a liar. You are just mis-informed of the world around you. Besides that I don't want your blood on the part I just marked out, so could you please bleed somewhere more appropriate!!!! Other co-workers who are less assholes mouths dropped. My father said it best. You'll find sympathy between shit and sphyillis in the dictionary:)

Along comes douche bag number too. Busted twice for meth. A gangly throw back to troglodytes. He has this habit of blaming his screw ups on various things like the weather and such. Imagine a balding 41 yr old man doing the swoop on his hair to cover the bald patch, then bleaching it platnum blonde. But captain dingle berry forgot to add the toner that rids your hair of copper brassiness. Add in the handle barr moustache. Voila a bonified douche bag! He was trying to be clever as always. And I couldn't pass up the opportunity . Told him that the Village people reunion called and they were wondering how their construction worker was doing? And if by chance if he could stop doing personal appearances at the Blue Oyster bar without paying royalties to the other members!

Next enter a fix it all douche bag maintenance man. he has a hitler type type haircut, with a yosemitie sam type moustache. Takes this dill hole 6 hours to wipe down lite bulbs while in the meantime, important machinery is down and broke.And there's a 90% chance he'll order the wrong part and blame the catalog. Bad catalog! Bad bad bad. You want a spanking don't you!

I friggin swear........

2007-10-07 09:02:41 ET

Dude...I can relate...I work in an auto parts store and man...Ugh, some of the damn drama that goes on there is enough to make a person violently ill...AND...It's all rooted from ONE pain in the ass of an individual too. :P
I really need to find another job.

2007-10-07 16:46:06 ET

My current job frowns on employing relatives or friends. Yet 3/4 of the company has as least two relations employed there. I am one of about 7 out of 220 employees who isn't an uncle, aunt, nephew, niece or third twice removed cousin who married my aunt four generations ago! Yeah! A new job is at hand.....Definately(*pardon the Rainman syndrome there for a sec!).

2007-10-08 12:41:41 ET

It's all good :0)
But...Yeah, I have worked for companies like that...At one particular place they had a brother, sister and the sister's boyfriend all working in the same store...all while supposively having a very strict policy against the matter...

2007-10-08 15:09:57 ET

I hear ya on the nepitism! Hence my search for a new job as well!

2007-10-08 15:37:29 ET


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