2007-10-28 08:00:34 ET

Halloween is almost at hand. I should be happy that I finally have someone to spend it with, for the first time in three years! I should be also happy that it is the celebration of rebirth, and those that have suffered in some form or another are not anymore. Yet it haunts me, that it's another year since my father passed due to complications of cancer. This time five years ago, I was scrambling to get home to southern Florida to spend as much time with him as possible. Then two days later he flat lined while speaking with him:(

So you know old man. You are far from forgotten. As always a candle will be put out for you, so you can find your way home to a nice shot of scotch whiskey waiting for you at home.

Love ya dad.........RIP.......

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2007-11-01 13:52:10 ET

Thanks everyone......

2007-11-01 15:16:22 ET


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