Week one.....
2007-11-02 05:22:26 ET

Finished my first week sucessfully. We have Fridays off, unless otherwise approved by a leadman for overtime.43 hours in four days. Have to get use to this new schedule! I like it though.

Scrambled yesterday to finishe off the new triage and ambulance bays at Guthrie medical centre. Still have to go back and finish up some small stuff. Since they were up in arms over the colour of some of the installed counter tops. Got home at 6pm, started at 6am. It always takes longer when your thrown into the end portion of a job! Met the coolest old man yesterday. He was part of the construction crew that did the overall interior of the unit. He told one doofus that was driving a truck, that he was an overall lame ass, and that we should watch out while the doofus was backing up the truck. And that the doofus couldn't ram a wedge up a dead dogs asshole! I spat out my coffee. I wanna be that grumpy colourful metaphorically inept old man:)

Day one of training was 7 hours of lame looped old VHS recordings on safety. I was asked how the movies were. I replied," More fun then a barrel of lepers!" Got 5 new work shirts, and given a catalog with 125 dollar allowence to get more work gear. I mainly ordered cold winter gear. Since winter gear tends to be expensive.

2007-11-07 15:03:20 ET

"Orientation Days" Suck!

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