2007-11-07 14:13:30 ET

Almost the end of week two at the new job. Monday sucked ass. The new assignment was in Sac city(*42 miles ne of me). Another hospital! This time surveying a hillside to put in industrial sized storm drain pipes(20 in across and 8 feet long and concrete).Need less to say, Monday it was 23 degrees and with 50 mph winds, knocked the tempreature down to about 8 degrees. Of course it was outside. Outside for 12 hours digging trenches with a heaterless back-hoe.The asshole who drew the project put the slope at 6.5 degrees from the existing hospital floor, which made the initial 42 inch high manhole entry at 11 foot 4 inches below the ground!!! I feel bad for the suckers that have to do all the grading of the soil afterwards!!!! Anyhow. So far 98 out of 150 feet of pipe has been laid down. The soupy mixture of frost mixed with the varying layers of soil, have been less then fun.After this portion is done. There's another 225 or so feet to install. And no plumbers crack yet.......

2007-11-07 15:11:38 ET

Dude, I hate to say it...But I am glad it's not me out there x)
And...Hopefully, your eyes will not be forever scorched by the sight of the plumbers crack when you do happen to glance over and be scarred by that nauseating view.

2007-11-07 16:49:03 ET

I was bundled up like a mother! Long Johns with the button flap bottom:P,a polar fleece balcava(neck warmth,turns into a hood, etc etc), fleece lined gloves and jacket, fleece lined work jeans. And I could still feel the bitter chill thru those layers. And technically it's not even Winter yet!

2007-11-07 17:10:09 ET

Man...If we are lucky, we only get one day a year that can even come remotely close to what you are describing right now!
I really should move up north to where there are actually "real Seasons".
This whole Texas weather thing really sucks!

I love cold winter days...cuddled up at home loungin' around...ah man...Now I really want to move...damn it!

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