2007-11-09 13:04:43 ET

While doing things about the house and abroad over the last few weeks. I've noticed and felt more and more atuned to certain things , some would classify as abnormalities.To make a long story short. I carry my digital camera with me everywhere. For the sake of taking pics of scenery, wild life and for my database of old Victorian houses(*architecture and colours).To make a long story short....Last month I captured 27 pics of orbs, plasma type mists, and another blured outline of a child.About half of them were taken here at my house, and others while traveling. This month that number is at 11. Sometimes it's cool and other times you wonder what they want, to continuously appear.Sometimes prior to something appearing on film, there are noises, lights on and off, smells,shadows,auras, etc etc. *Shakes head....Half the time it's at night, and the other times in broad daylight. I should just start collecting TAPS like equipment, and start my journey?

2007-11-09 13:35:57 ET

ooohh...sounds very interesting!

2007-11-09 16:18:23 ET

Make sure you don't have epilepsy re: smells/sounds being conjured up.

2007-11-10 04:57:42 ET! Am fit as a fiddle. For my current job I had to take a physical and my heartbeat rate was 58(*textbook perfect according to the doctors. Beyond perfect for a cigarette smoker!) I'll have to post some of the pics here sometime.

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