2007-11-13 14:34:52 ET

Why is a street opening with a cover called a manhole, and not a womanhole or a person hole?

2007-11-13 15:12:40 ET

because they are/were big enough for the men working in sewers to use them as access.

or it's slang.

2007-11-14 20:17:37 ET

Because back in the day when they were invented, only men went down there.

2007-11-15 15:44:47 ET

Now imagine if you had the hobby of collecting manholes? Would you hang them on a wall? Store them in a humongous scrapbook(*you'd definately get muscles from lifting it!). Trade them with friends....Hmmmmm....

2007-11-15 15:45:17 ET

The last idea of trading made them sound like friggin pogs!!!!

2007-11-15 15:53:15 ET

i like your brain.

2007-11-16 06:19:37 ET

Just figure there are multitudes of everyday stuff we as a race overlook on a daily basis.And never question! Kind of like the therory that 3/4 of the world looks left and right, but never up or down!

I always want to know answers too things.....

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