The week in a nutshell
2007-11-16 06:31:56 ET

Have the day off. Then again I work mon-thurs 10-13 hours per day. Yesterday sucked. Installing another run of rainwater pipes 11 feet below ground. The average temp at 4 feet is about 53 degrees. I could see the clouds moving quickly due to the 50 mph winds. The weather got shitty in no time at all. Above ground the temp was about 29. So the 29 degrees, and 50 mph winds knocked the temp down to around 17 degrees. Throw in snow flurries, and you have a shitty day before first break at 9 am:( In essence the day drug like a three legged dog trying to lick it's stump!

Did I mention that I destroyed part of a work truck? I was told by the foreman to move an f-350 onto the job site for easier handling of tools.I'm not a huge person to begin with, so I get lost sitting in the front of an s-10! So I'm watching to make sure I don't tip this fucker into a fenced off ditch, when low and behold I straddled a dirt covered tree stump! Some nimrod decided it would be easier to cover the stump with dirt then put it in an appropriate pile. I dented the oil pan cover, transmission pan cover, took out two cross members, and severely dented the gas tank(*to the point where it holds 5 gallons less!). I didn't get yelled at or written up. Just was told not to be bothered cause it was a work truck, and it wasn't my fault due to someone elses stupidity! Felt bad, cause I try to treat tools and vehicles I borrow like they were my own, even if they aren't!!!

Onwards to todays errands......

2007-11-16 07:07:23 ET

hahahahahahahahahahahaha shoulda took pics lol.

2007-11-16 13:28:25 ET

No shit! Had the digital camera too. Got my company issued thermal hoodie, Duct parka, beanie, sweatshirt and tees this week. Got everything except for socks and undies with their logo on it!

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