Fucking fucks............
2007-12-13 13:31:29 ET

Tired as fuck comes to mind. My face is windburnt to the point of wearing a wife beater outside in 19 degree weather sounds appealing.

One of our foremen decided not to shore a trench we were digging. 8 feet deep. The base of the soil was clay. Also the frost had reached to the two foot level.I reluctently went into the trench to calibrate the pitch of a sanitary drain line. Looked okay. On my way out, half the trench collapsed on me!!! I was buried waist deep in soil and clods of clay weighing in at 200 lbs plus. Luckily I turned just as the trench collapsed, so my face was pretty much against the wall. Being semi clostrophobic. I scurried to remove what clods around me I could reach/ lift.Found a nearby half buried shovel, and started scooping away. Two co-workers jumped into the trench, and 25 minutes later I was free. Lost my gum and starbursts and a pack of smokes. I was fucking livid at the foreman. I was half tempted to brain him with the metal end of the shovel.

So....How was your Thursday?

2007-12-13 13:50:29 ET

thats crazy...glad your alright

2007-12-18 16:19:31 ET

Left shoulder and rib cage area hurt, when I lift, turn, crouch, etc etc. Where's calgon when you need it?

2007-12-18 17:30:56 ET

sorry to hear your in pain...icey hot has pad that stick to you they may help....i know they helped me when i tore the tendons in my shoulder

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