2008-01-01 14:45:12 ET

New Years day. We decided not to go out last night. It was 3 degrees and with the wind...-10. So fuck that idea! Today came around. High of 7, with wind....-15. Once again, fuck that idea! May continue watching the Heroes boxed set I got the lady, or resume watching season 1 of Deadwood(*then 2 more boxed sets to go!). I miss wearing wife beaters.......

2008-01-02 15:24:09 ET


2008-01-02 16:51:11 ET

Yeah! Like brrr.... Damn it! The frozen veggie garden died! Shit! At least it was 17 today:p

2008-01-02 16:54:34 ET

That Sucks!
So I guess now would be a better time, with the temp and all to give you that snowcone! ;0) ha ha ha

2008-01-02 17:20:05 ET

Not the flavor you want...
*Just be glad it's not a Turkish snowcone!*
ha ha ha...Couldn't help my perverted ways there, it slipped out!
See what i get for working with nothing but guys all day!

2008-01-03 16:48:54 ET

I guess it's better than a Strawberry shortcake or a Rusty trombone:P

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