2008-02-17 06:53:24 ET

Sitting here thinking. Just pondering. Wondering how my friend is doing that moved on Friday. After a failed relationship. And severely fucking up at work, which led to him being fired. He decided to move on Thursday.Instead of sucking it up, and waiting until Spring, when the weather is better. He chose Friday.

I sugested taking the 40 or even the 29. He chose to go to Omaha, then cut up across the Dakotas, skim the top of Wyoming, across Montana, Idaho and then to Washington. Right now were under a blizzard alert until Tuesday evening! If were getting hit this hard. What are the northern states getting? *Shakes head. You can't give advice to the stubborn. Then he says he'll be alright, cause he has 4 x 4. Imagine driving an f-250(92). That gets 8 miles to the gallon fully tuned up? Oh yeah! What tune up!

I wish him luck. I really do. I hope he finds what he's looking for. Because you make life what it is. You make the most of what you have in your surroundings, you deal, then adjust. Unfortunately he hasn't learned these life lessons as of yet!

2008-02-17 07:33:44 ET

Oh I am sure he learned....he just forgot.

Good Luck Colin....now what are you going to do?

2008-02-18 01:18:51 ET

I think he's hooking up with that chic he cheated on Traci with. A friend of his ex's. And I think he's going to live in his ex's basement? Sounds like an episode of Springer to me!

2008-02-18 04:54:25 ET


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