Stress part 2
2008-03-29 05:20:10 ET

Maybe I should just go and deconstruct the back porch with a sledge and a crowbar? It needs to be torn down anyways. And it was on my list of projects to do this Spring!!!!

2008-03-29 07:08:33 ET

I know what you mean, need any help!?!

2008-03-30 05:37:58 ET

I have three crowbars, a 4 ft sledge, and 3 other smaller 5 lb sledges available! Then I have my period warhammer with back spike for myself:P

2008-03-30 05:40:24 ET

Sounds like a great stress relief to me & a healthy way to rid any agression that has built up!
Like killing 2 birds with one stone!

2008-03-30 05:42:25 ET

When I was an aprtment manager. I use to throw fridges, tv's and ovens from the third story of buildings, from units that were vacated. And sometimes have sledgehammer roundabouts on old console tv's, with my maintence crew.

2008-03-30 05:57:40 ET

Sometimes it helps to use a fridge, oven or tv to release the embodied gremlins we try so hard to keep inside...
Everyone needs an outlet, but some cock suckers just don't know how to find a healthy a tree, or engaging in some type of a sport. Instead, they find the nearest person and let the emotions radily fly upon them as they stand there, an innocent bystander...Now, that is Sad and severely Pathetic!

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