2008-05-03 05:50:08 ET

Busy busy busy.....,

1)Rear porch has been deconstructed. A nice sized woodpile adorns the concrete slab in my backyard. 8, 40 gallon bags of old insulation, keeps the wood pile company. Area has been sprayed for insects and termites. All previous holes cut thru brick and masonary have been sealed. Dead electrical wires and cables have been removed. Floor joists underneath the laundry room, which is now being turned into a rear mudroom, have been insulated.

2)Lawn has been mowed twice. And ready to plant our first tree. A 6 ft flame maple on the south side of the house(8th street).

3)Former mudroom has had some drywall work done. The old washer box, has been removed, gutted, and repatched up.

We found out our house use to be located on 6th and adams streets. Where the US cellular building is now, that was a former post office. Cirica 1924. House was moved in 1916-1917, from it's former place. Found a very small pic of where the house use to be. Now I have to go thru oodles of microfilm to find out more infomation.

So! How has your weekend been so far?

2008-05-03 22:26:19 ET

sooo much work! sounds like you are making progress though....huh? and that is neat about the location and how your house moved.... its amazing what you can dig up...

i hope you have been well, while busy.. =)

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