2008-05-14 01:20:54 ET

So I'm cooking dinner last nite. When my lady tells me...That she'd be making more money in California. And she feels that, she is too overwhelmed by the work that needs doing on the house. And there are alternatives to, living in this house. Say... Moving back to California and living with her parents! My mouth dropped, as did my insides!!!

First off. I try to make an effort to do bits on the house during the weekday. But get griped at because if I work too much after work, dinner gets served kinda late. Secondly. On weekends when I plan to do projects, she always calls me from work, asking for lunch, or for me too hang out and keep her company. How do you fucking expect me to accomplish anything this way????

Am frustrated, peeved, and fed the fuck up!

One more day until my weekend! One more day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2008-05-14 08:29:08 ET

What More Can I Say...

2008-05-14 13:13:15 ET

Am going to probaly get a second job, gonna look this friday. I already work about 50 at my current one!

2008-05-17 13:36:39 ET

But wouldn't that just make matters worse? Because if I understand this, part of the complaint is that she is overwhelmed with the house not being up to certain standards...Unless the 2nd job is a resource to increase cash flow in order to find another place in Cali????
Either Way...Good Luck.

2008-05-18 21:35:16 ET

how is it fair to you to have to work so much? that isnt really enjoying your life. =( or your house or your woman... if you get another job, the both of you would never see each other and that would make everything worse...

to me, it just sounds like she is making any excuse to leave...

girls! =P

2008-05-19 14:40:10 ET

Just contacted the dept of the interior. To see if there are any grants for my house and area for historic preservation!!!! Need to send them some pics. Now if the weather was better.

Getting sick, aches, shoulder pains,swollen neck glands,slight fever. Bleh! Don't need to be sick right now:(

2008-05-20 09:00:27 ET

stab her

2008-05-20 10:12:17 ET

Time for a rest, you need to make sure you take care of yourself too!
I hope things work out fo ya...Too bad you don't have more support and help on the homefront. :(
You seem pretty determined though, I know you can do it.

2008-05-20 13:34:58 ET

Since my friend I moved out here to hang with, fucked off to Washington state, due to being butt hurt from a relationship. I have no one to talk too!! Thats why I vent here!

2008-05-20 14:25:54 ET

maybe I will move back out there to keep you company

2008-05-20 15:02:33 ET

Vent all you want, there are no judgements here sweetie!

2008-05-21 00:52:46 ET

I ordered a small dumpster yesterday. A friend who is an electrician at my current jobsite, his dad owns the local sanitation company. Got a good deal on a 3 yard dumpster. So, I'll be swinging the old warhammer, doing demolishing in no time soon!

Today is my Thursday, tomorrow is my Friday.

Tonite is the midnite showing of the new Indy flick:) To bad I can't go cause I have to be up at 4am:(

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