2008-05-17 06:16:15 ET

Just a few more minutes till I start the deed. Removing a pigeon roost from my attic. Sprayed for spiders this morning. Finished using plastic sheeting, so no pigeons could escape(so basically a straight corridor out the front window). Have hammers, respirators, baggies, trash bags, and atrash bin ready for the deed! Can't wait to see the carnage. Even debating taking my 14th century warhammer upstairs for the bash fest?

Got a haircut yesterday. First one since I started growing out my hair. Hair was about 1 1/4 long. Longest it's been since the mohawk days of yore. And first haircut in about 7 years.

A couple of more sips of java then to the attic...........

2008-05-17 13:40:25 ET

Your hair has only grown an 1 1/4 in the last 7 years?
Whoa...Usually, guys hair grows relatively fast.
You have had to atleast trim it then, right!?!
Good Luck and don't have too much fun with your destructive plans for the day. Atleast it's productive destruction! :0)

2008-05-17 18:47:49 ET

I use to shave it every 3 or 4 days. It grew an 1 1/4 in about a month

2008-05-18 08:31:24 ET


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