2008-05-26 04:44:28 ET

So the stairs and walls to the attic are devoid of carpet or padding. Took me most of the day to scrap all the nasty semi melted/crumbling padding from the wooden stair case. Meanwhile I heard one of the unlucky pigeons that got left behind in the attic space, do it's final death flutters. I sat back and just listened to the 80's flashback weekend. Gave the winged rodent a chance to escape.

The plaster wall behind the carpet wasn't in bad condition. But it still needs to be gutted and insulated properly. I found a slight remnent of the origional wallpaper on the wall. The motif is almost a cross between a fleur de lis and a trident, in a circle, with a circular pattern of dots between the cluster of the above mentioned. All in a goldtone colour, with a cream coloured background. Going to save a sample if possible, and see if I can make a template of it, to maybe use in the house or perhaps in the same area.

Debating on purchasing some of those little tree air freshners to rid the attic of pigeon stink?

Last nite we were under a tornado warning. The sky blackened, winds kicked up to 60mph, rain and slight hail. The storm came thru the Missouri valley(82 mi west near Omaha,Nebraska), but we didn't get the brunt of it.Outside right now, it looks as if it's going to be a repaeat of last nite.

Off to start and gut the attic. Hopefully I don't come across any bats. Haven't as of yet! *Keeps fingers crossed......

2008-05-26 05:52:10 ET

bats have tried to attack my head and several occassions!

2008-05-26 11:57:36 ET

So I went grocery shopping. And on the way home, I lost all brakes on my vehicle! Found out a brake line is split. The bank is closed(have no debt card on purpose), and the automotive supply shop is also closed! Bleh.............

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