2008-06-06 03:25:37 ET

My 3day weekend is here again.

Still on foot. Not sure what's going on with my vehicle? Kind of lost all trust in the vehicle. Tired of getting nickeled and dimed to death! Everytime I turn around it's something. On a different note, I walked about 12 miles this week. To and from the job site.With tools and my backpack(loaded with coffee and smokes). That's getting quite old too! My lady said it's temporary. Going on 3 weeks temporary? When you don't have much of a down to put on another vehicle, and your credit score looks like a rash on TRW, it makes things quite hard!

Since I started plumbing again. I've dropped back down to a 34 waist. And am down to 153lbs, from 172. When your working in mechanical rooms where the temp is about 110 at 6am, your bound to shed those pounds. That and being the smallest guy on the crew, you get all those nice jobs crawling into small openings and spaces. So your constantly heaving yourself upwards into the darkness. I've found myself nodding off a couple of times in those dark places:P

Doctors appointment for the back today. Then off to the attic, to do more pigeon shite removal. Removed a 2 foot drop ceiling off an adjacent room off my master bedroom last weekend.

Does it ever end? Probaly not......

2008-06-07 03:06:42 ET

..... where is the pizza!

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