Happy 4th
2008-07-04 04:50:38 ET


Coffee in hand, with a side of nicotine on my lips. A beautiful way to start a Friday off.

Yesterday was a long day. It always is prior to a holiday. Spent all day by myself at work dismantling ducting, and stripping off the layers of fiberglass, outside in the heat.

Next Friday is going to be a busy day. I have two interviews almost back to back. 11:00am-Pella corporation, for a production shift job(which I've done before, 12 an hour to start)-It will be my third interview with them. They counted an interview 2 years ago,passed my telephone interview this past Wednesday,and the final one next Friday.

2nd interview is at 1:30pm at Walmart. Not the best idea for a job.Pays almost what I am making now for unloading trucks(which I have also done before).If I get that. I may do the pella job during the day, and Walmart at nite, so I can get a new vehicle, since the repair bills on my broken piece of shit, is the equivelent of a down on something more reliable!!!

I'll be tired, and probaly out of it, till I get use to the schedule. But it's something that I need to do. Just a warning in advance to everyone that reads this blog. That I haven't forgotten ya, just damn busy!

Saw Hancock last nite. Liked it alot:)

2008-07-04 14:40:46 ET

Planning to see Hancock. Just needed to hear from someone that it was good. Thanks.

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