2008-07-10 03:32:33 ET

Home from work sick today. Doing odds and ends till my doctors appt.

So I'm at work yesterday. And I get a call from my lady. Her computer is down. I tell her I'll have a look at it in a few hours when I'm home from work.She proceeds to unhook every available line to routers and modem and pc's. She even gets the techs from the cable company on the phone. I then get told she has been on my pc. Apparently she went thru lots or private files!!!And now believes I am cheating on her with some girl off of inked nation.com. When I have never ever cheated in my life!!! It's safe too say that we are pretty much on the rocks now:( A year and a half, and it comes to this!

In a shitty job, and walk to work. Vehicleless, the shite is adding up!

2008-07-10 08:54:10 ET

Sounds like someone is either really insecure or she's got a guilty conscience.
Typically females will not accuse unless they either have reasons not to trust thier man or they have guilt weighing on thier shoulders and it's eating away at them causing them to become slightly paranoid and eager to find dirt on you first...that way they don't feel so guilty and what not...
I dunno, just speaking from personal experience and witnessed behavior in friends going through it.
I hope things work out for you.

2008-07-10 14:51:49 ET

Sorry I missed your call yesterday.

Tell yo woman to chill!!!

2008-07-10 18:00:25 ET

Gage:Got the dns cache active once again. Stii having probs with the 1394 connection. Reset the router and modems, redid the network connections, did a rollback to a previous version, still can't get her pc to connect!Bleh.........

Beauty:Yeah1 I got all kinds of stuff verbally yesterday. How I don't eat like I should, I smoke(down to 2 packs a week from 3 a day!), how I dress and so forth.Basically how I don't love myself, so why should I love her type thing! She sounded similar to my previous ex too! Scary shite! She's been hinting for months about how much she misses California. Allmost to the point of saying,"Have at it!"

2008-07-10 18:01:14 ET

On a lighter note. Have two job interviews tomorrow. Actually got a nice shirt and tie for the occasion. Wish me luck:P

2008-07-11 08:35:59 ET

Good Luck!

2008-07-14 17:22:46 ET

good luck mister!=)

and i think she is pulling that crap as an excuse to leave and go back to CA... =(

2008-07-19 06:38:56 ET

I found out yesterday that my pic on her cell has been replaced with one of her cats. It's truly nice that all this shite is going down, when my mom(which I haven't seen in 2 yrs will be here on Sunday.).

2008-07-22 01:42:23 ET


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