Training week......
2008-08-01 20:29:27 ET

I started this week at Pella( a maker of windows and doors).Our division works on transoms, doors, casemanet windows(the kind that crank out), and double hung windows(the kind that have 2 sashes that slide up and down). Out of my class of 7 new hires. I got sent to the woodshop. The woodshop is a maze of machines that plane, shape, drill,etc etc. wood into the various components that make up the product. Whereas the other trainees got sent to the various lines. The lines are quick, very fast paced and have buzzers that go off when you are behind production schedule. Basically a window pops off the assembly line every 60 seconds!!! On the line, you have to ask permission to use the restroom due to the quickness of the job. I don't. I feed machines various lumber, check calibrations, tolerences, and quality of the stock lumber. I learned and mastered 5 machines this week. When your only suppose to learn one at a time! My manager came up to me, and complimented my work, and said I'm very much a welcome to the wooodshop! So I was happy for once at a job, which I haven't been in awhile.

My shift goes from 7am-3:10pm. Morning exercise, work,break(10minutes) exercise with medicine balls, work, lunch at 12:00(only 20 min, but a paid lunch!). Wearing shorts and sneakers to work is a trip! So use to wearing steel toed boots and jeans.And I didn't get looked at all funny, wearing a wife beater, showing all my ink! Another first. Once again I am the most inked person at work.

12 an hour, full benefeits, xmas bonuses, year end bonuses, around town bonuses, and 45% off the price of windows and doors(get below retail price prior to the discount), which will come in handy for the house!

Weird when you start a new job, and people you just met wave at you when you are cruising around town:)

2008-08-03 10:04:10 ET

Thats Awesome...Congrats!!!

2008-08-07 13:06:24 ET

Tuesday I was enjoying the smell of fresh cut lumber, and admiring the multitudes of grainy striations. When my manager decides to trade me off, to a dept that is short staffed. So now I jump between the woodshop, and assembling sliding door frames.

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