2008-08-17 08:12:47 ET

Finished mowing the lawn before the noon time.

Went to get some smokes and noticed the ride leaning to one side. Got a screw from somewhere in the tire. Figures.

My lady is going to go back to college. I'm all for education. Don't get me wrong. But shes more then likely going to quit her jobs! Told her I didn't want to hear any bitching if we can't afford to go to the movies and do things, and if progress on house repairs ceases!Since once again I'll be the only one bringing in money for food, utilities and bills!!!Last week between the jobs was 63 hours. I have to get use to the two jobs quick, to try and stay on top!!!

Slipped back into melancholish music the last few days:( Reverted too listening to older New Order stuff.Temptation, Love Less, etc etc. I dwell on what once was, and what will probaly never be again!!! I dwell on whom I miss severely, that if things were different, and I wasn't so fucking stubborn in the past. If things would have worked out. The thought of individuals who had no business sticking their schnoz in mine. Regrets galore, wishes on stars that never come true, My head tilted forwards exhaling hoping those I think about are okay, and not laying in a ditch somewhere!? Looking into the dawn and dusk wondering how the fuck I made it to where I am without going postal or for that matter locked up without a key! And that's just five minutes of a day, with twenty-three hours and fifty-five mintues of the day left.....

Back to house work I guess...................

2008-08-24 14:19:11 ET

Living with only one out of two working, being the sole provider...can be a very stressful situation.
I hope it works out and I wish you two the best.

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