2008-08-23 05:56:08 ET

64 hours this week between both jobs. My mind is a pile of slush right now. Trying to jump start today with some coffee brewed with mountain dew instead of water. I use to use that combination when I was a residential apartment manager.

Got my 30 day review at Pella yesterday.Your suppose to receive a maximum of 30 points. In categories such as being coporative, knowing your product,quality, safety and so forth. And at 60 days you need a total of 60 points to qualify for employment. To make a long story short, I received 55 points for my 30 day review. It was one of the highest scores for an entry level employee!My floor managers, manager told me she wish she had 20 more employees like me, and that my overall work ethics were off the scale!!! Ya fucking think?! When I'm happy with what I do, I tend to excell.

Wallymart dragged last nite. Got off at 11pm. Fridays are balls, due to the fact that all the high school kids are running amuck in the aisles. Not too much for them to do in this town. Don't blame them. I did the same thing back in Cali. Assembled 9 bikes, 3 grills, and 4 pieces of furniture in a 6 hour shift, as well as tend to my dept.

Todays agenda is to try and paint more of the masonary walls under the mud room. Started that the other day. Found out I may have a bee hive in the brick wall. Fucking super!!! The sealer will block moisture, mildew and mold as well as other things.Them a nice coat of a semi gloss white, to make the area seem less dismal. Need to price some sheet plywood for the ceiling.

2008-08-24 14:22:10 ET

Busy Bee...

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