2008-09-12 21:35:08 ET

I are mind numbingly tired. 73 hours this week, and thats a slow week!

Dealing with some shit bag lawyer out of Cedar Rapids. This scumbag collects on credit cards.I got served by the sheriffs department last month for a capitol one credit card from 9 years ago. This peice of shit bought that account and a few others. Then last week I got served again for Dell computers from 5 years ago. Same Lawyer. I then get two letters from the dipshit in the same day saying I may get a lein on my property for like 600 bucks. What the fuck maynard!!! I figure IF I pay him, I figure it'll give him the go ahead to slam me with more past debt.All the stuff this law firm bought was in May 0f 2005. The time I moved to Iowa!!! And I'm just now getting the heads up!!!Once again...WHAT THE FUCK? So I'm going to see a bankruptcy attorney this upcoming Thursday. I freak now, when the phone rings, I get a knock on the door or open my mail box!! No one should have to live like that. No one...............

2008-09-13 10:06:57 ET

I know what you mean, I got a letter in the mail a few months back for an online school (that I never attended) looking for money from me...I thought someone was using my information because they showed recent activity...well, it turned out that a company I went through to get my diploma was supposed to cancel my account and never did, 4years later someone buys the company out, reactivates the old accounts and then they decide to try to collect on people. yeah...I think they need to change the law to a four year (to the date) max. limit to collect on debts. Even though mine was never supposed to be a debt.

2008-09-16 14:32:16 ET

I think my schooling was 12 years ago, was sold off twice. And I got hit last year. Since someone bought it,like youre it was reactivated! Batards......

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