2008-09-27 05:10:04 ET

65.8 hours this week so far.

I had tickets from work to go Adventureland. But that got shot out of the water. I got drafted to go a wedding instead:( I wanted to ride some rollercoasters . Now I get to hear whining about weddings the rest of the day!!!

The two lots behind my house are now void of anything. I awoke this morning to a bulldozer plowing down some nice huge oak trees. The only left standing is a sentient stop sign at the corner. Winter is gonna suck. The houses and trees were excellent barriers for the harsh bitter winds that hit at that time of year. Dumbshit who knocked down the houses forgot to "tamp"(compact) the soil he put into the demolished basements. And when it rained it created a nice huge mud hole. So now there are 4 or 5 dump trucks with dirt filling those holes. Compacting soil gets all the air pockets out, and lessens erosion to a foundation.

I loathe feeling groggy and restless.

2008-09-27 05:25:24 ET

i totally think adventure land would be alot better for you at this point...

2008-10-01 13:25:16 ET

Me too! Past tense unfortunately...sighs!

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