2008-10-01 13:33:46 ET

So I'm ten hour shifts until further notice at Pella.

Got biatch slapped via the mail on Saterday afternoon. Shitty mail always arrives when things are closed, and you can't call for details.I'm getting my Pella paycheck garnished by this collection dept. I mentioned in previous blogs. A 1/4 a week till January 10th of next year. Approximately 150-175 dollars per week!!!! My butt feels chaffed right now, minus the vaseline and a sloppy kiss!! All because I didn't move my bank account, Like I told my lady I wanted too.She was indecisive for like 2 weeks. Not sure if she wanted her own, or another joint one, yada yada yada!!!Hence me being fuckered on my check now. My walmart check hasnt been hit yet(keeps fingers crossed), cause I cash it at the store and dont have direct deposit.

Got home today to do some projects with my lady. And she got ready to work, got a cell call from some of her friends. And pissed off to the local Mexican eatery up the road to hang out. So I'm taking a break from sawing scrap wood and putting it in a dumpster outside.Help is great when you have it:(

2008-10-02 02:42:10 ET

light the scrap wood on fire and snare the unsuspecting hobos as they come for the warm. helps to have a can of beans out there too to bait them more.

2008-10-04 02:14:56 ET

Use the traditonal method of hobo capture klemmy?

Does the typical Wiley Coyote blueprint.

1)Box(hobo size)

2)Stick to prop up box corner

3)Length of string attached to stick. Long enough to hide behind a boulder.

4)Some generic can of beans. Preferably some brown label type.

5)Wait patiently for victim.

2008-10-22 01:12:09 ET

especially the beans with bacon in em.

2008-10-26 01:09:28 ET

Fart foder at it's best

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