2008-10-11 02:14:31 ET

Just awoke at 4:45am thinking today was Friday. Scampered downstairs to realize it wasn't.

Almost fell asleep last nite while pricing some shite in a clearance ailse. Yeah! Dead asleep holding a telzon(pricing gun).11pm ended a 70 hour week. Now all I have left is two more 8 hour shifts today and Sunday. Haven't had a full day off in two weeks. My patience is wearing rather thin, so is my temperance for stupid fuckers. There are things I need to do around the house before the cold sets in. And time is ticking away, before the first brunt of Winter sets in!

Just made some coffee, and accidently spilled a bit while pouring myself and my lady a cup. Got screeched at for spilling a bit on the counter. And screeched at further for using a nearby towel for doing so. Isn't that what kitchen towels are for? Lifes little accidents?

Some days I wonder if I truly get anything right. Lately it seems more so. The notion of becoming single once again strikes a note. Previously I was single for almost 4 years. But I want a family. I wonder if that will ever happen?

2008-10-11 02:58:29 ET

70 hour work week? fuck that dude.

as for getting yelled at for spilling coffee and using a towel to wipe it up, don't let it bug you..haha. she'll smile again

as for the whole family thing..you'll know when you've found the right time..just follow your instincts

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