2008-10-13 17:10:53 ET

So I had to miss work today. I haven't missed one day, except for today since I was hired 4 months ago. Tried calling work three times to get details on when my crews shift starts. No answers from anyone!

Took my yellow beast of a car to a local repair shop that I trust. But they were booked until Thursday. Took me 20 minutes, to go 5 blocks. Cause the car kept dieing at stop signs and intersections. Had to take the car to another repair shop on the south side of the tracks. I'll know by tomorrow whats going on. Hopefully.

Caught up on laundry. Two weeks worth. That included folding it all. The lady has a huge over piled stack at the end of the bed. And two more in another room. That shorts me three laundry baskets.Wish she would put her shit away!!!!

Swept, mopped, cleaned cat boxes(like I always do), and started getting ready for her Moms visit on Friday. Ended up cleaning dog vommie piles today. Ones she ignored from the weekend, which totally pissed me off!!! Seriously. If an animals sick, clean it up. She just ignored her dog being sick, and continued to keep feeding him biscuits. I cleaned up like 6 in all. Then the dog did two more. I fucking swear. My house was cleaner living alone!!!! Sad. But true.

2008-10-13 18:16:44 ET


2008-10-14 01:15:47 ET

No shit!!!! Sounds similar doesn't it? Doesn't yell as much, but fucking close my friend!

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