2008-10-30 04:45:50 ET

Been a month so far. And not a good one!

Got smacked twice by two different past credit cards. One ended up garnishing my main source of income.

Had to sign over my house to my Mom, so it couldn't/wouldn't be taken from me by creditors.

Hours fluxed at Pella from 55 a week. Back down to 40. Now to 36!!!

Vehicle repairs.

The lady is still acting goofy(*and not in a good way!!!).Who knows how long it will last? She's been taking off days galore!!!

She also got her own account, which leaves me paying the brunt of the bills!!!!

Now this week.............

Got called into a conference room Tuesday. Thought I may have botched up some product at Pella. To my dismay. 25 people were there. Then the number jumped to 41. In comes two people from human resources, then the plant manager.The manager starts talking about the economy.As he begun I started to get that warm adrenaline feeling seething in me! Were possibly getting layed off in two weeks. They are not sure? So they handed out some LOA(leave of absense) forms for us to fill out. The forms cover nov-march of next year. A lot depends on who picks what days, that goes for full timers too.And you know full timers are going to hold on to any days they can during Winter! We were told that if we have any other job opportunities that we should take them(*In essence were laying you off!). And that Farner Bocken(a distribution company across the way) is having a hiring faire on Nov 4th(this up coming week). And that we'd know in 2 weeks more about the situation!!! Human resources couldn't answer anyone questions reguarding unemployment or benefeits? And that all questions should be taken to the Iowa workforce!!! Since I have a second job, I probaly can't get unemployment!!6 people walked off of work that day. I was tempted, but I need the money!!! I may be able to get more hours at Walmart, not sure yet?

My plans on getting my pentacle tat on Hallows eve got axed today:(

As is driving to the lake to visit my dad:( Today is the fifth anniversary of him passing.

The lady being a continuous twat waffle isn't helping either:(

So mentally. I'm not in a good place right now........ Where the fuck is calgon when you need it. Or a great big soothing hug?

2008-10-30 07:33:06 ET

*Huge Hug* I wish I could give you one in person but ya know the distance thing kills that.

Tell that woman of yours to get off her lazy ass, go to work and pay some bills or get out. I know you deserve someone better than that =)

2008-11-01 14:06:35 ET

I've heard the deserving part many a time. Sometimes too much in fact! All I want is someone to share/help me work on the house as a team. Not just one person doing all the work!Then raise a family together. I guess nowdays that maybe just asking too much?

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