2008-11-21 06:39:15 ET

I wondered this the other day, while assembling doors on my factories line.

Ever wonder what happens to all those old used sex toys? Do they refurbish them? Give them a 30 point inspection? Do they have signs on them like...."Low mileage"...."One owner"...."Like new"..."Blows warm air"...."Bluetooth compatable".... Do you kick it about to see if it starts on the first try? And can I buy an extended warrenty on it???

Would you give the store a name like "Plastic P's place","Cock-O-rama", "House of nether region delights".

The things that cross my mind, when I ponder too much.......

2008-11-21 06:45:47 ET

I'm going with Cockamamies.

It could be done up like an antique store and have a burger stand even.

2008-11-21 09:29:26 ET

probably at a porn dump like in survivor

2008-11-21 19:50:51 ET

Survivor was an awesome book. Need to find my copy and re-read it again!

Serve expresso and phalic shaped pastries.That would so super out here in BFE.

What about an alternative to Hooters? We'll call it Roosters...motto..."Where we strut our footlongs!"

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