2008-12-06 07:59:14 ET

Yawns.... Have to go to work at 2pm till 11pm tonite. I hate that shift! Cause half the day is already gone. I'm so use to being up at 3 or 4am. Going to work at 5:30-6am. And being done with it! On the other hand. I can catch up on some much needed rest. Still have a brush of pneumonia still, just sniffles and a runny nose. Then tomorrow it's 7am-4pm. I can deal with that one.

Monday holds an interesting twist. Met up with a former co worker, from Sitel. Sitel is one of those annoying fucking companies, that telemarkets when you are in the middle of supper!They work for Bank of America, Countrywide, Orchard, and a few others. This former worker, does troubleshooting for Virgin mobile from his house.Sets his own hours, a minimum of ten hours a week. Pay weekly. With all the correct deductions, etc etc. So I'm gonna go check it out. What do I have to loose. Right?

It's windy outside. About 23(the high for today), with 30mph winds. Should be spiffy.......

2008-12-09 01:52:13 ET

i had work that day to...just came off work to go back to work a few hours later.

2008-12-09 03:46:19 ET

You almost feel like sleeping in your car! Piss in a cup, so you don't have to go out into the cold.

2008-12-09 13:31:17 ET

i have a bigger car than i used to (used to have a 95 avenger but for the past year i have a 03 focus), i probably could sleep in it

2008-12-10 11:04:55 ET

I have a 99 Jimmy SLT, with the leather interior and heated seats, 4x4 etc etc.Main brake line perished. Was going to get it fixed before Winter. But that's not happening. So I take it easy in my 77 Cadillac De Ville(pic on myspace.com)425 baby v-8. The sucker idles at 30mph. Sucks ass driving it in ice and snow. Since it rear wheel drive. Have already fish tailed it in Walmarts parking lot.

2008-12-10 14:10:43 ET

hijack a heated garage!

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