2008-12-11 07:16:45 ET

So I've been kinda following all the headlines here and there. About the big three bail out. Todays headlines say that the 14 billion, that's going to be aloted to these guys, will only keep them afloat till mid March.

I say let them burn. Burn baby burn!!! Do you see foreign car makers whine? Yeah! They've taken hits here and there. But are still pretty much on track. That's because they took the green stance years ago. Scaled down their vehicles. Made them more fuel efficient.

A few weeks back. The government was considering, using tax payers money to bail these guys out. And give U.S. citizens a stake in the automotive industries claim. I don't want stock! If your going to take my money to bail your self out. Give me a new vehicle instead!!!

With all the money these guys have stiffed auto buyers out of, for decades. Don't ya think they could at least manage what they have properly?

2008-12-11 21:03:06 ET

I wish I made anything close to these wages!!!!

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