2008-12-11 12:12:16 ET

An hour before work. Hate going to work from 5pm-10pm. Cuts the entire day in half, as well as the evening! Will probaly end up zoning the toy section again, and probaly lumping another semi. It's quiet here right now.Except for the quiet hum of my laptop. It'll proaly be the same when I get back too. She'll be in bed. I'll try to snuggle, and get denied for the umptenth time. Maybe I'll fall asleep on the couch? At least the cats will keep me company. Or I could stay up and take snap shots? Snapshots of my resident ghosts. Stare luridly at the tree, watch the lite twinkle till I pass out? Hmmm....The possibilities are endless.

2008-12-11 12:15:26 ET

I must be in some weird/foul mood. Decided to listen to some old school Eazy-E.Still talkin shit....is classic!

2008-12-11 12:21:06 ET

you could turn on AIM and talk to me darned it!

2008-12-11 14:22:12 ET

you could take stills of her sleeping post it so we can mock her

2008-12-11 16:42:06 ET

gage for the win

2008-12-11 20:39:08 ET

Don't have AIM. Have that yahoo thingy though!

Wouldn't looking at stills of someone sleeping be cyber stalking in a way?

2008-12-11 20:41:59 ET

only if you came while beating off to them

2008-12-11 20:53:46 ET

Does that mean you have to call out their name too? So whomever it is gets the credit, and the nice burning of the ears sensation that goes along with it!

2008-12-12 06:39:43 ET

i dont know... i'll have to ask around and see if peoples ears burnt ;-)

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