2008-12-13 08:38:08 ET

2pm till 11pm tonight! I hate the late mid shift! I get all sort of fucking yahoos trapessing thru my aisles. Once again, I really can't do too much around the house, cause the day is cut in half! Better get ready and don on the dark blue shirt I wear, That I fucking hate as well! But I get to wear jeans , unlike most associates:P

Anyhow. Got my Xmas bonus from Pella. Minus the 48% gift tax, insurance, garnishments, and a slew of other crap. I ended up with 83 bucks and some change!

Also Pella is scaling back their full timers too. By a 1/3. Super!

2008-12-13 14:44:37 ET


they're too good to you guys.

2008-12-14 05:03:26 ET

Yeah! So I've been told. At least I kinda afford the 24 gallons my car takes now. With gas at $1.55 a gallon(reg unleaded).

Gas prices yesterday.....

Regular unleaded- $1.55 g
Super unleaded(92)-$1.47g
E-85(Ethenol blend)-$1.34g

Nice how gas has gone down. Yet all the extra taxes that were imposed on trucking services. Has remained the same.No real price drops on foods or consumer goods. No wonder our econonmy is fuckered up!

Let's see. I have five bucks. What should I get.A)A couple of gallons of gas. B)A pack of smokes. C)A good lean pound of ground beef.D)Or a value meal from somewhere.Where everything is included? Overall.....Recockulous!!!!!

2008-12-14 09:49:13 ET


5 bucks is a commodity these days. i'm torn on the matter, good sir. as a advocate of smoking, i'm inclined to say a pack of smokes?

it is reCOCKulous!

2008-12-14 21:10:42 ET

Same here. Since I don't drink anymore(*Only on social occsasions). They go great with coffee, after a good meal, and excellent after a romp in the sack!

Besides the above mentioned. If I didn't I'd probaly smack someone in the back of the head with a ball peen hammer!!!

2008-12-15 03:52:05 ET


so in a way, smoking kind of saves lives.

2008-12-15 05:35:06 ET

I guess you could say that.

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