2008-12-14 21:15:55 ET

Survived another Sunday at work. Not too many people out today.

At 9ish it was about 40 or so degrees, almost shorts weather. By 10am the temp dropped to 13 degrees, with 20mph wind.

Now the temp is at a chilly fucking zero! With 40mph winds. So I guess it's in the low negative 20's now. We are under a severe chill watch till noon tomorrow. And I'm sitting here listening to Missing Persons.....Go figure that one out!

2008-12-14 22:52:00 ET

Heaven I tell ye.

2008-12-15 05:34:42 ET

Right now it says it is -4 and sunny...Bleh!

2008-12-15 14:32:40 ET

hey! remember how i was like OMG SNOW IN TX WOW

well yesterday was a balmy 78. yayyyy

2008-12-15 19:36:52 ET

Darn you! :P

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