2008-12-19 08:37:04 ET

Got hit while at work last with an ice storm. We had a rare occurance out here called snow-thunder! Where there's ice, snow and thunder. Alomst like heat thunder. Where you see the thunder, but no sound. So the sky was lit up in dark blue's and purples, while nugget sized lumps of icey snow fell. 7 inches total fell last nite. This week we've had a total of about 13 inches of snow.

Took me an hour or so to get the 1/4 inch of ice off my windshield, to drive home last nite. Then my ice scrapper broke. Had to buy a new one. And only have defrost too help(*heater doesn't work)accompanied by liquid ice melt. You couldn't even see the road, it was that bad. But I made it safely.

2008-12-19 10:44:11 ET

dude. that snow lightnibt thing sounds tight.

glad to hear you made it home though

2008-12-20 03:09:53 ET

Took me 45 minutes to clear the ice, and another 20 to get home. I think I was actually driving down the center of the highway:P But I are safe. Suppose to be another similar storm before Monday.Hope my brother gets out here from Colorado safely.

2008-12-20 04:44:38 ET

yea i hear that.

we had something similar but not as bad last year. the freeway was completely gone.

2008-12-20 07:46:58 ET

heh ice scraper.
Move back to socal we don't have those problems.

2008-12-20 22:51:20 ET


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