Rear wheel drive.....
2009-01-05 23:34:54 ET

Sunday blew chunks! I mean really blew! So I'm scheduled to work at Wallyworld at 11am. Fair enough. Get ready, feed the animals(5 cats and a dog), get some toast to nibble on, and some coffee for the ten minute drive to work. Takes me just over 20 minutes to warm the Caddie up. The last thing I wanna do is crack a 7.0 litre 425 v-8 engine block! Just vegging in the car, scraping ice off the windshield. Back into the car to get a smoke. I am poised to go to work, get the day over and be done with it! I back up outta my parking space at a snails pace.Cause I saw a wee bit of ice. Backed up okay.Put her in drive. And continued at the same snail pace, just as I passed 8th street(south side of my house). I feel some slight fishtailing going on. Get near my neighbours funeral home, and fishtail directly into the curb! WTF??? Try to back up, and regain myself. And fishtail not once, but seven times. At this point, I'm already late for work. So I call in and let them know, I'll be there as soon as I can. Since driving a rear wheel drive vehicle on ice sucks. I decided to back up. To my left I see a parking lot, that's nice and dry. Unfortunately the incline on the driveway is 28-33 degrees and covered with ice. Fuck that! So I put the Caddie in reverse. And slowly drive backwards up my street. Fishtailed another half dozen times. I'm starting to pass 8th street while driving backwards, and I end up sliding westwards on 8th street. At first sideways, then backwards. It's now 11:20am. I am livid. A smoke and some head would probaly help!Pulled forwards back onto my street. And continued to reverse the beast back into my parking spot. Ended up calling a co-worker for a lift too work.

2009-01-06 00:08:48 ET

good that nothing happened!

2009-01-06 06:31:03 ET

I couldn't afford my deductable anyhow. Sometimes you wonder why you even have insurance!

2009-01-07 01:04:11 ET

do u have ballast in the back? stock up on kiddie play sand

2009-01-07 10:09:44 ET

Thought about that one. But I do carry a snow shovel, extra blankets, and extra smokes along with saltines:P

2009-01-07 11:25:46 ET

more weight! i knew a computer tech at my school who had a bunch of obsolete computers in the back of his truck.

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