2009-01-20 19:25:02 ET

Since my car is in the shop getting some coolant hoses, and the heater worked on. So I don't freeze on the way to work. I have been bumming rides to and from work.

Had to work the late shift last nite(10pm-7am). Found out that a dear friends house burnt down last nite. Her houses furnance exploded! She was at work when the event happened. She rushed home. To find that her husband rescued her 5 yr old son, and 8 yr old daughter. But sustained 4 th degree burns on 2/3 of his body(and face), while trying to save their 16 yr old daughter. The husband tried and tried, and was finally dragged away by firefighters, cause the house was ready to collapse! Found out the daughter was pleading for help, as she was burnt alive:( The fire trucks couldn't pump out enough water to quench the fire. As the water came from the hoses it froze to slush and ice as it hit the fire. Needless to say. Last nite, half of our crew went home, which left us 7 people to run the store. Our Walmart and 8 others are holding fundraisers for her family.

Been pondering all day. How would I feel. If I saw my daughter pleading for help, and was a grasp away from helping her. But couldn't:(

2009-01-20 19:42:32 ET

they would have to kill me to stop me from going in there.

2009-01-20 21:54:46 ET

oh god, thatīs so terrible and sad, i cry

2009-01-20 23:04:18 ET

I don't get that truly emotional over anothers loss usually. I am sympathetic. But it ticked me, and peeved me at the same time. Just made me think of a "What if" scenario!

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