Day 2....
2009-01-21 12:24:29 ET

Awoke with a smashing migrane above the brow. Felt like someone kick me in the head.Day 2 without my car.

The mechanics called me today. They fixed the ruptured coolant line in the rear of the engine. Which happened to be for the heater, that I don't currently have. Some thermal switch needed to be replaced for 26 bucks. And a heater regulator that is impossible to find new. One was found in Phoenix, Arizona for 190 bucks....Used! It comes with a 6 month warrenty. I'm not a fan of used parts when it comes to something as vital as keeping my ass warm in the Winter! But financially, it is the route I will have to go. Then explained to my mechanic that the Caddie has no horn.And the wipers and relays work, but don't shoot any fluid to clean the windshield, yet the warning lite for topping off the wiper fluid comes on. They said they can probaly get the part in by Friday morning. Told them to go ahead and order the friggin part from Arizona. The sooner the better. So the grand total for all the above mentioned will run me about 410 bucks(give or take). Which isn't bad for an older car. Just wish I had a better paying job. But at least I can be thankful that I have one.

2009-01-21 14:01:17 ET

have you checked Kanter auto parts online? they have alot of older stuff, i dont remember if they have electrical though...i would think the caddie would have a standardized GM part that Chevy and buick would have used as well...

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