2009-02-06 05:18:49 ET

Got the beast back last nite. After 3 1/2 weeks without transportation! The part still isn't in. *Shakes head....So It'll be here sometime next week. Was tired of trying to find a ride(don't wanna piss off any co-workers), or walking the 2 1/2 miles to work, and back everyday!

Had mentioned to the lady, that it would be nice to go to the movies tonite or tomorrow evening. She said she had plans both days, with a "girls nite out" thingy. So I guess that completely fucks my birthday up! I'm also scheduled to work on my birthday as well. Oh well. Did I expect anything else?

Joined facebook for shit and giggles. Found some old school mates and friends that aren't on other sites. So that made a dull week refreshing.

2009-02-06 05:49:31 ET

I am gonna wish you a Happy Happy Birthday now (I dont get online on the weekends) Hugs!!

2009-02-06 06:39:18 ET

happy birthday!!

are you sure things are going okay with the two of you?

2009-02-06 07:22:15 ET

Happy early Birthday!

2009-02-06 21:36:03 ET

Not really:(. We were suppose to go to the tat shop tonight to get some prices. They closed at 10. I get a call at like 4 minutes before they close, that's she's going up there. Meanwhile I've been sitting around the house since 7:30ish waiting for a call! We were gonna catch a movie tonight. Notice the was part. Then I suggested a movie when I get off at work tomorrow at 7ish. Then get told she has a girls nite planned out. So those plans get blown outta the water too. I work on my birthday. I'm almost looking forward too it. So I don't have to be at home.

Things have been rocky for the last 3 or 4 months. More so as of late!!!Trying to held my tongue, trying so fucking hard!!! I don't like arguing! At least she acknowledged my bday somewhat this year , instead of mid April!!!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone:)(*makes me feel a bit better).

2009-02-07 09:58:28 ET

Why do you stay?

2009-02-08 07:24:36 ET

happy birthday! have a great day!!

2009-02-08 07:34:23 ET

Happy birthday!

2009-02-08 22:10:45 ET

I must like the abuse, I guess? Im trying to be positive in this relationship. I truly am. Ask Gauge about the last one!!!

Thanks everyone for the wishes. Too bad we all couldn't have hung out or something?

2009-02-08 22:51:20 ET

this would be great...

2009-02-09 05:26:56 ET

happeh birfday.

2009-02-22 21:38:10 ET

i keep getting random ppl i went to school with adding me on facebook and i barely ever talked to them. i talk to you ppl more than i ever did them!

2009-02-26 15:50:21 ET

Same here Klemmy.

2009-03-24 00:17:45 ET

i added one girl and for some reason wrote a note begging her to add me. then i remembered in middle school she used to be mean to me almost every day.

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