2009-02-26 16:03:10 ET

This week has got to be the worst one so far. I'm about ready for 2010 to pop it head around the corner! It's been about getting hit in every direction possible so far!

Monday started off okay. Came home made a nice dinner. Then comes,"Can we talk?".Fair enough. I then get told that she sleeps better alone! A few times I have admittedly fallen asleep on the couch watching tv with the cats. No biggie. Or so I thought? I then get dug into, in a severly snappy tone. With her telling me. That her friends could've hooked her up dozens of times with different guys. Secondly...I was told that everything I have done for her, in any way possible..Is not considered love to her. Talk about telling someone something..And your complete motivation for just about anything, just got thrown out the window! So she then decides to sleep in the room across the hallway now! Haven't spoken really in like 3 days.

Today at work I get handed a letter. Thought it may be the quarterly bonus we get. Fuck no! It a writ for wage garnishments. At Walmart I only make just under a grand a month(before taxes)! So when all is said and done, I make about 770 or so. I was planning on looking for a second job anyhow. But this just reinforces it!!!

Grudge sex and a smoke seem appropriate right about now!

2009-02-26 19:00:50 ET

dump her now and nuke the site for's the only way to be sure.

2009-02-26 20:22:19 ET

But the cockroaches would live!

2009-02-27 03:18:40 ET

I am with Gage on the whole dumping thing you deserve so much better than to deal with her shit.

2009-02-27 09:39:20 ET

She doesn't deserve you. If you are good to her than she should appreciate you! Dump her ass..

2009-02-28 15:35:35 ET

Then I get fucked on half the house bills! Due to the wage garnishment.

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