2009-03-05 16:38:22 ET

Today was a nice crisp 63. Unusal weather for the begining of March. But I'm not gonna complain one bit! Except. I had to work today.

The things with the lady are about the same. My accupunture session went well on Tuesday. My doctor(she), also does aurora cleansing and other niceties. And said she would try to act as an intermediary between us. Since my lady goes to the center as well. Thought it would be the right step! Asked her about both of us making a time when we could both go. She hasn't gotten back to me. WOW!I thought. Seems like I'm trying once again, and she isn't!

Am thinking even more harder. That I probaly need someone better?! But when you live in a small town, it's hard. Not like I could coax anyone to enjoy the peace and quiet like I do? Maybe I should just do the mail order bride thing or something? Or meet someone who at least has a half a brain, likes the same types of music, isn't afraid to get her hands dirty at times, and likes living in the middle of no where!!!


2009-03-05 18:25:44 ET

It does suck living in the middle of nowhere, but sometimes you find a rare one every now and then. ;]

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